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Little Tiger

Ages 5-7

Welcome to “Little Tiger ”, our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program. It features 12 important life-skills taught in an age-specific curriculum that is fun and engaging.  Little Tigers gives your child the tools to succeed at home and in school.


Each week your child will build their confidence learning life skills such as focus, teamwork, respect, and discipline. They’ll gain valuable awareness of their body through coordination, control, and fitness. You will feel confident knowing they can safely act when they practice what to do when faced with a bully or stranger.

Each class, Little Tigers Class practice these life-skills in everyday situations. Your child will learn to look you in the eyes when you speak to them and to wait respectfully when you are on the phone. They’ll practice good manners by answering you with “Please” and “Thank you” and to do things the first time you ask.


The National Organization for the Education of Young Children, based on Washington D.C., has defined the most important levels of learning in child development as follows:

  1. Physical - Using the body's large muscle groups as well as the fine motor skills.
  2. Emotional - Expressing and understanding a range of emotions and how to cope with them.
  3. Social - Learning about your community, group interactions, and varying behavior for the different social settings.
  4. Cognitive - Collecting facts and information about the world to understand daily life.
  5. Metacognitive - Asking questions about thoughts, learning strategies, and solving problems.
  6. Creative - Expression through art, music, drama, movement, and imagination.
  7. Moral - Learning about right and wrong.


The Power of Self Confidence


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